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Herb of the Month:

Guduchi  (Tinospora cordiflia)

Guduchi is described as ‘the one who protects the body’. One of its names,‘Amrita,’ means ‘divine nectar’ referring to the life restoring drops that Lord Indra sprinkled from heaven to bring life back to the devotees of Lord Rama after they were slain in battle. This is a virile creeper that grows throughout the forests of India.

Those growing up the side of Neem trees are said to be the best as the synergy between these two bitter plants enhances Guduchi’s efficacy.



Guduchi's therapeutic strength lies in its rejuvenating and strengthening properties while also detoxifying and cleansing the whole system, specifically via the liver.

Guduchi is useful in controlling/ameliorating liver damage. is a powerful immunomodulator (good for augmenting immunity) and is one of ayurveda's premier anti-inflammatory agents.

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Ayurveda, or ayurvedic medicine, is a holistic tradition of medicine from South Asia, particularly India, that uses a systemic and highly complex model of health, disease and health restoration.

For thousands of years, since before written alphabets existed, the peoples and cultures of India have been among the world's most keen observers of nature, accumulating immeasurably vast quantities of knowledge of healing. Click here to learn more!

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